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Bretwalda Lodge 6930

It all started with the Past Masters of King Egbert Lodge No 4288 in their meetings of the 21st March 1949 and 11th April. At that time, they were concerned with the situation of having 92 members with a “number of enthusiastic brethren” with “little chance of holding important, or any, office for many years”.

A meeting was therefore convened on Tuesday 26th April 1949 at the Masonic Hall Dore where 11 Past Masters and 16 Brethren met “to consider the desirability of forming a new lodge”.

W Bro. E S Graham chaired this and subsequent meetings as the Senior Past Master.

15 of those present expressed their desire to become Founders (at £25-00 each) –the meeting having unanimously agreed “that permission be sought for a new lodge to be formed, the Founders to be members of King Egbert Lodge”.

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